NEXYAD has developed technology for applying color charts at images during post-production, to greatly change the atmosphere : the automatic color grading, that we called the NEXYAD Skins.

This automatic color grading applies equally to the rush or to contrast and luminance calibrated images and provides calibrated recolored images, in a dynamic already validated by technicians and artists for movie.

With our technology, it becomes difficult to make « bad taste » renders, or they are made voluntarily and then have a strong artistic scope.

The principle of our automatic color grading of automatically granting colors so that the rendering is harmonious.

We act as a musician on the piano : if each color corresponds to a music note, and thus a key, then playing multiple notes at the same time is putting a set of colors side by side in the same image. Question is : is it harmonious ?

The music is governed by rules called « rules of harmony. » For the same dominant note such as the A note, one can construct chords (set of notes played simulanément) containing the A note, but which give a completely different sensory and emotional experience.

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